Greetings from Coates Wildlife Tours

Coates is happy to announce that we have released the trip details for our tours at the beginning of 2019. These tours are some old favourites, some with a new twist

New Zealand South Island Wildlife & Wilderness Tour
Managing Directors Tom and Sylvia Grove accompanied our 2018 New Zealand Tour and by all accounts the trip was a spectacular success, so much so that Tom will be returning again in 2019 to escort the tour along with local guide Martin Curtis. This tour goes well off the tourist path and is well worth it for any nature lover.

Botswana Wildlife Safari
Coates has visited Botswana for the past 2 years and we have again refined out our itinerary. In 2019 we will first be visiting the Okavango Delta and staying in a mobile camp. From there we will fly to the Central Kalahari Desert to see the wildlife of the arid area. Next the group is transferred to Chobe fora third spectacular destination after which the group will be trans fired to Victory Falls, one of the seven Natural wonders of the world. If Africa is on your list then our Botswana Tour is for you.

Sri Lanka Wildlife, History & Culture Tour
Sri Lanka also known as the Jewel of the Indian Ocean and it’s easy to see why, this tour has it all! 2018 was another great tour and our 2019 tour is filling fast. Please visit our page on Sri Lanka to see for yourself and get in quick before all tour spots are full!

Pilbara Reef & Ranges – Easy Camping Tour
Updated from our 2018 Pilbara Reef and Ranges tour in 2019 we are introducing our new Easy Camping system. The easy camping concept has been introduced to make the whole camping experience more enjoyable. The camp roustabout will travel in a seperate vehicle and will have our camp operational when the bus arrives with the group. No more erecting tents, beds or un-packing camping equipment. Just pick up your bag and either spend time exploring the campsite or freshening up and relaxing before dinner.
Please Note that in our Autumn 2018 Newsletter a print error resulted in this tour being advertised as being in February 2019 however we would like to state that this date is wrong and that the correct dates are 14 – 28 April 2019. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.