Kimberley Wonders

13 Days
Easy Camping
Broome – Kununurra


Next Tour: 6th - 18th June 2024


The Kimberley region in the northwest of Western Australia is one of the most remote and unspoiled wilderness areas in the world. Its unique geology, vibrant Aboriginal culture and diverse flora and fauna have fascinated visitors for many years.

A highlight of this tour will be our visit to Purnululu National Park to see the Bungle Bungle Range. This World Heritage-listed site is one of the most fascinating geological landmarks in Western Australia. The beehive-like mounds are encased in a skin of silica and algae, creating a striking stripe pattern. More than 130 species of bird reside within Purnululu, including Rainbow Bee-eaters, flocks of Budgerigars and Australian Bustards. The Nail-tail wallaby and the Euro live around the massif, while Short-eared Rock wallabies live on top.

Bird enthusiasts will particularly enjoy our visit to Marlgu Billabong at Parrys Lagoon Nature Reserve. The reserve is a haven for a variety of waterbirds.

We will also spend two nights at Drysdale River station where, on the second day, it will be possible to undertake an optional flight (at your own expense) and hike to the Mitchell Falls. This trip will be visiting the magnificent Mitchell and Mertens Falls. Landscapes around the plateau vary from mangroves and swamps to woodlands and lush rainforest patches. A diverse array of wildlife populates the region. The rugged sandstone areas are home to some rare residents like the small rock wallaby called a monjon (Petrogale burbidgei), the Rough-scaled Python (Morelia carinata). The area also has a rich indigenous history. Wunambal Aboriginal people have lived in the vicinity for thousands of years, and the plateau offers many excellent examples of ancient rock art.

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Day 1

Broome to Bandilng͟ an (Windjana Gorge)

This morning we depart Broome early and head for Windjana Gorge, passing Boab Trees (including prison tree) and the savannah plains. Before arriving at camp, we will visit Tunnel Creek, which flows through a water-eroded tunnel in the limestone of the Napier Range, part of the 350 million-year-old Devonian Reef System. We will walk through the tunnel to the other side of the Range. A short path takes us to the entrance, where we climb over and squeeze between boulders to get to the cave. The tunnel is dark but very spacious. We turn on our torches and start wading through the several permanent pools of the 750-metre tunnel. At least five species of bats, including ghost and fruit bats, live in the cave, with some fish and the odd, harmless little freshwater crocodile. About halfway along, the roof has collapsed, letting the daylight in, and you will see interesting roots growing through the cave roof. At the end of the tunnel, you may want to take a dip in the water hole, look at the Aboriginal rock art or enjoy the surroundings. After returning through the tunnel, we will drive to our campsite for the next two nights. Accommodation: National Park Campsite - Bandiln͟gan LD
Day 2

Bandilng͟ an (Windjana Gorge)

Today we explore Bandiln͟gan (Windjana Gorge) with its varied bird life, the Devonian reef walls, and many freshwater crocodiles. We begin by walking through a small cave-like tunnel the path opens onto the flat ground between limestone cliffs of the Napier Range and the waters of the Lennard River. Tall broad-leaved leichardt trees, native figs and the paper- barked cadjeputs line the riverbank. These trees also provide shelter from the hot sun for many waterbirds, a colony of fruit bats and a large group of corellas. You will also find Freshwater crocodiles on the sand and in the pools. The rocky Cliffs also provide the perfect home for small macropods, including Agile Wallabies. Accommodation: National Park Campsite - Bandiln͟gan BLD
Day 3

Bandilng͟ an (Windjana Gorge) to Dulundi (Silent Grove)

A short early morning walk into the gorge before leaving Bandiln͟gan (Windjana Gorge). We head through the Napier Range for our Dulundi (Silent Grove) campsite. Before we arrive, we will head to the Lennard River Gorge to enjoy a short walk and spectacular views of the waterfalls of the Lennard River, carving its way through the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges. The walk from the car park will take us along the creek line and then up the sandstone of the range, finishing with a lookout over the falls. Mid-afternoon we will arrive at our campsite. Accommodation: National Park Campsite - Dulundi BLD
Day 4

Dulundi (Silent Grove) to Manning Creek

Today we will continue along the Gibb River Road heading towards Manning Creek and Mt Barnett Station. Along the way, we will stop in at Adcock Gorge. At Adcock, we will undertake an easy-moderate walk over some rocky terrain to find a clear deep green pool and waterfall to shower under. Early afternoon we will arrive at our campground via Mt Barnett Roadhouse. There will be time to relax in the afternoon or have another swim at the campground. Accommodation: Campsite - Manning Creek BLD
Day 5

Manning Creek

Today is spent exploring this lovely oasis. We will undertake the Manning Gorge Walk, where you must first cross Manning Creek to re-join the trail path on the other side. You can swim 40 metres across, or use the rope-guided dinghy. The trail follows a route overland with views over the ranges and savannah woodlands. The terrain is uneven, with some rock scrambling and an incline towards the end. It can be sunny and hot but well worth the effort when you reach the end and take a refreshing swim in a vast waterfall-fed pool. Accommodation: Campsite - Manning Creek BLD
Day 6

Manning Creek to Drysdale Station

Leaving Manning Creek, we continue east along the Gibb before turning North up the Kalumburu Road, arriving mid-afternoon at our campsite for the next two nights. Accommodation: Drysdale Station Campsite BLD
Day 7

Drysdale River Station

Today there is an opportunity for those that wish to undertake an optional flight and hike to Mitchell Falls. PLEASE NOTE: This is a full-day side trip and will need to be booked when booking this tour. Details on the flight and hike are included at the end of this itinerary. For those not wishing to undertake the Mitchell Falls trip, the day will be spent exploring the station, including the surrounding creeks and other waterways, looking for various birdlife, including the Gouldian Finch and the Purple Crowned Fairy-wren. Accommodation: Drysdale Station Campsite BLD
Day 8

Drysdale River Station to Home Valley Station

Today we depart Drysdale and head back to the Gibb River Road. Continuing east today, our destination will be Home Valley Station. Our campsite will be on the banks of the Pentecost River with stunning views of the Cockburn Ranges. Accommodation: Campsite - Home Valley Station BLD
Day 9

Home Valley Station to Kununurra

We Leave Home Valley this morning. We will visit Marlgu Billabong at Parry Lagoon Reserve to see diverse wetland birds. We will also call into Wyndham to look at the old Port before continuing to Kununurra. Tonight we will venture into town for dinner (at your own expense) to allow you to sample some local delights. Accommodation: Campsite - Kununurra BL
Day 10

Kununurra to Purnululu (Bungle Bungle)

After resupplying in Kununurra this morning, we head for the Purnululu National Park. The journey from the highway to our accommodation takes around three hours. We will start our exploration of the national park by exploring the area around our camp. There will also be time to enjoy an incredible Kimberley sunset. Accommodation: National Park Campsite - Purnululu BLD
Day 11 & 12

Purnululu (Bungle Bungle)

We spend the next two days exploring the park, including the beautiful and unique geological formations of Echidna Chasm, the beehive at Piccanniny Creek and Cathedral Gorge. You will also see the bee hive formations from a whole new perspective with an 18-minute flight over the Bungle Bungle Range to see the gorgeous mounds from above. Accommodation: National Park Campsite - Purnululu BLD
Day 13

Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) to Kununurra

Today marks the end of our Kimberley adventure and our return to Kununurra. This wonderful outback experience will end on our arrival back in town, where you will be transferred to your chosen accommodation BL.

NOTE: The above itinerary may be varied according to conditions and advice.

Optional Mitchell Falls Flight & Hike

The group will board an early morning flight to the Mitchell Plateau. After a short 4WD transfer, we will arrive at the Mitchell Falls Trail and begin the 4.5km walk to the falls. Along the walk (expected to take 2.5 hours with breaks), we will view some Aboriginal art sites and the Little and Big Mertens Falls. When we arrive at the falls, you will have a few hours to explore the area and take in the scenery. Early afternoon we will fly via helicopter from the falls to the start of the trail before transferring by 4WD back to the airstrip. The day will finish with a flight back to Drysdale station.


Places available


    • 3 crew members consisting of a naturalist guide, driver guide and camp support crew member
    • Easy Camping included (Camp is set up and packed away each day for you);
    • Tents, tall enough for most people to stand upright in, camp beds ,mattresses & chairs witharms;
    • Well maintained vehicle with front-facing, seat belted, mostly reclining, coach-style seats
    • Eating utensils and crockery.
    • Meals as per itinerary;
    • Morning tea each day;
    • Fresh fruit on board daily;
    • All national park entrance fees
    • 18 minute Bungle Bungle helicopter flight

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