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Enhanced cleanliness and sanitation.

All our naturalists and guides have undergone specific tourism SARS-CoV-2 hygiene training on prevention, transmission, symptoms, and hygiene procedures. We are implementing a best-practices protocol for enhanced daily cleaning and sanitising of vehicles and equipment. Hand sanitiser will be offered freely to all guests throughout the trip, and masks will be available should anyone develop symptoms. 

We ask that you bring a small personal container of hand sanitiser that can be refilled throughout the tour, and that all guests hand sanitise upon entry and exit of vehicles.

Flexible booking policies on selected tours. 

We wish to provide you with the reassurance that you can book your trip without worrying about uncertainty during these times. On selected tours, all payments will be refunded in full if the tour cannot proceed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Please see individual trip dossiers to determine if this flexible booking policy applies.


During mealtimes, we are making every effort to reduce shared items. Where possible, food will be served to guests by our guides instead of self-service, including fresh fruit throughout the day which will be available at all times by request. Guests and guides will be required to wash hands with soap and water prior to meals, and guides will continue to be required to wear disposable gloves while preparing and serving food. 

Coates Wildlife Tours is family owned and the first company in Western Australia to operate authentic nature-based tours over such a wide area. We have brought together a selection of the finest natural history tours available in Australia and beyond for you to choose from.

Most Coates tours have a maximum of between 6 and 12 passengers. Smaller group sizes mean more exposure to our expert guides and not having to share natural wonders with a bus load of tourist.

We very strongly recommend it. The unexpected may happen, either before or during a tour, and having travel insurance can be a great way to help protect you from financial loses. Some international tours may require travel insurance. Please call our office if you have any questions regarding insurance.

On camping trips.

You are welcome to bring a small, personal supply of alcohol with you. Due to potentially rough roads we do not recommend bringing alcohol in glass bottles, cans of beer and/or spirits are no problem. Please plan ahead as even in some larger northern towns there are restrictions on the sale of take away, full strength alcohol. Because of the restrictions once a tour has started you may not be able to buy any more during the trip. Please note that on a small number of tours, that travel through Aboriginal communities or lands, may have further restrictions regarding alcohol placed on them by Commonwealth Law. Restrictions will be advised on tours effected.

On accommodated trips.

Coates doesn’t serve alcohol on tour and there is no BYO. However, most restaurants where we will be having dinner will sell alcohol at your own expense.

In Australia – Yes. While traveling away from mains power you will be able to charge via UBS port, 12v cigarette lighter or a 240v inverter. While there are charging facilities please remember that they are limited to when our vehicles are moving and may have to be shared with other passengers. Some overnight campsites have 240V power available for recharging batteries.

International tours – Yes. Charging opportunities and power outlet / voltage varies from tour to tour, please refer to the tours trip dossier or call us for relevant advice on the destination you have chosen.

In Australia, No. Coates supplies washing powder. On international trips it is recommended that you bring a small amount so you can wash small items each evening, if required.

Depending on the tour we have several different vehicles. We two modern Toyota Prado’s that we use for our small group tours (3 passengers per vehicle). These vehicles visit the remotest parts of the country that other operators can’t get to with their larger vehicles.

We also have a 2015 Isuzu 4WD tour bus conversion, this bus has 13 forward facing seats but we only take a maximum of 12 passengers on our standard tours. Should we have a problem, either before or during a tour, with a vehicle that has been allocated to the tour we will replace our vehicle with the most appropriate hire vehicle that is available and suitable for the particular tour.

Please note that due to health and safety requirements luggage on tour is limited to one medium sized, soft-sided bag per person. The maximum weight of the bag should not to exceed 15 kilograms. A small daypack is also permitted. On international tours and some island tours luggage limits may vary, please see the respective tours trip dossier or contact the office for specific weight maximums.

There will be opportunities on most trips to buy snacks, souvenirs etc alone the way but nothing is set in stone. If there is something that you can’t live without plan to buy it before the tour starts as outback and remote towns can often have very limited supplies.
No, however, we ask that you bring your own water bottle (at least 1L) to fill from our supply. We carry plenty of water to resupply your bottle when needed. If you are joining our tour as a tag along depending on the your you may need to carry a small amount of water in your vehicle

Mobile phone coverage is patchy in outback Australia and you will be without coverage most of the time while out on the road. However, Telstra coverage is available in most regional towns, with other larger towns have coverage for all Telcos. For our international tours you will need to check with your specific phone provider however, most of our international tours also visit remote locations outside phone coverage.

Should a family member need to reach you in case of an emergency, please leave our office number with them – 08 93306066. This is attended 24 hours a day (though for emergencies only out of hours). Please be aware that in some cases there may be a delay in relaying a message. Delivery of messages is dependent on where the tour is on the tour itinerary, it may be immediate or it may take a day or two till they are contactable.
A reasonable fitness level will be required to get the maximum level of enjoyment out of your tour. However, if you wish to sit out any of the walks or excursions is always an option. Please contact our office for more details on specific tours.

We recommend you bring walking boots or shoes that are suitable to wear over various types of terrain including rocky ground and poorly constructed tracks. A pair of comfortable shoes or sandals for travelling in the vehicles and around camp are also ideal.

A tour with specific footwear requirements will have the details of those requirements listed in the tours trip dossier.

At Coates we take safety seriously.

Each Outback tour we run is equipped with a Satellite phone which enables us to contact authorities in the event of an emergency. We also carry first aid kits and defibrillators. Our guides all have current first aid trained and will take charge in an emergency situtiuon unless there is a person present with a higher level of training.
However we operate in very remote regions and even with the satellite phone, help can be several hours away.

If you are concerned about undertaking any activity please express your concerns to your guide, do not put yourself in a situation which you consider to be beyond your capabilities. All walks and activities are optional and there is no compulsion to undertake them if you wish not to.

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