Western Australia’s Hidden Gems

Western Australia’s Hidden Gems

Dear Travellers,

Western Australia has more to offer than meets the eye. Natural wonders are often just around the corner, we just need to know where to look.

One such place is our Great Western Woodlands. The magic of these often overlooked woodlands is that many people do not know they are there, despite extending over 16 million hectares (which is about the same size as England). The Great Western Woodlands is the largest remaining area of intact Mediterranean-climate woodland on Earth. To top it off, the area contains roughly 3,000 species of flowering plants. That is a staggering one fifth of all known plants species in Australia.

Hidden in our Great Western Woodlands lies the magnificent Helena and Aurora Range. Dating back 2.5 billion-years (half the age of the earth), this banded ironstone formation is ancient and unique. As a result, the Helena and Aurora Range is set to become a national park within the next three years and is home to species not found anywhere else on earth.

Nestled in Western Australia’s Goldfield region is the awe-inspiring Lake Ballard; Australia’s largest outdoor art exhibit on a salt lake. This spiritual artistic installation is made up of 51 steel sculptures, representing the residents of a nearby outback town, scattered over 10 square kilometres of the lake. You can choose to visit all 51, just one, or as many as you can find.

To experience these wonderful hidden places in WA, join our 9 day Golden Outback Expedition set to depart October 15 2021. As a bonus, this tour travels during the wildflower season, adding bright colour and pleasant scents to our journey.

From all of us at Coates Wildlife Tours, happy travelling and we hope to see you out there!






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