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We hope you’ve had an excellent start to the year and that you enjoyed the holiday season. Sylvia and I are back to work and excited to welcome you back to Western Australia when our border opens to everyone on the 5th February 2022, with a promise of no more hard border closures.

We have some great tours to offer you to begin the year that explore Western Australia’s South West coastal regions, including Albany, Walpole, Margaret River, Esperance and Bremer Bay. 

For those who have never seen WA’s stunning southern coastline, it is bursting with wildlife, greenery and natural wonders that will captivate any nature lover. 

For those who have already visited these magnificent areas, we hope you’ll consider another trip, this time with Coates, so that you may see the world through the eyes of a Naturalist. 

Naturalists see the world in a different light, using all their senses to discover the natural world around them. From birds and plants to geology and evolution, they will transform your experience by sharing their knowledge and showing you aspects of nature or spot wildlife you may never have noticed otherwise. 

Our Wild Coastlines of the South East and Wildlife of the Southern Forests tours will be accompanied by a Naturalist dedicated to helping you pursue your own passion for the natural world. 

Wild Coastlines of the South East

Perth to Perth

Our coastline is just beautiful – sandy coves, rolling hills leading down to the water’s edge, and offshore islands with their abundant marine life – birds, seals, Orcas, and dolphins. We will showcase the natural diversity of the regions between Perth and Esperance, particularly the coastline on either side of Esperance.


  • Wave Rock – this natural feature resembles a giant wave of multicoloured granite and reminds us of an ancient landscape. It is also the subject of fascinating Indigenous Dreamtime stories and the site of Indigenous rock art.
  • Great Western Woodlands – an internationally significant area of great biological richness.
  • Peak Charles – an ancient granite peak surrounded by thickets, woodlands and flowering scrub; more than 40 bird species occur in the surrounding national park.
  • Cape Arid National Park – a wildly beautiful and biodiverse area; coastal sandheaths, mallee and low granite hills.
  • Cape Le Grand National Park – featuring sweeping heathlands, rugged coastal peaks and white sandy beaches voted the best in Australia.
  • Cruise the Recherché Archipelago and the waters to Woody Island Nature Reserve. Wildlife in the area includes fur seals, sea lions and dolphins, as well as a range of birds including Cape Barren Geese and White-breasted Sea Eagles.
  • Pink Lake – no longer pink but remains an important bird area due to its populations of Hooded Plovers and Banded Stilts.
  • Fitzgerald River National Park – spectacular scenery with incredibly diverse flora; nearly 20 per cent of Western Australia’s flora species occur here (many of which are endemic).
  • Bremer Bay Canyon Killer Whale Cruise – the undersea canyon drop-off provides the perfect habitat for Orca (Killer Whales).
  • Stirling Range National Park – a beautiful mountain landscape with a stunning and diverse range of wildflowers.
  • Dryandra Woodland – a prime place in the South West for viewing native wildlife and home to the endangered numbat.

Max 12 passengers
12 Day Accommodated Tour
Date: 23 February – 6 March 2022
Ex: Perth – Perth


Wildlife of the Southern Forests 

Perth to Perth

The South West of WA is one of the world’s foremost biodiversity hotspots. A large portion of the South West’s beautiful landscapes and natural attractions are protected, which means they’re also the best places to observe native flora and fauna.

We have chosen a selection of the region’s finest natural destinations on this ten-day tour.


  • Dryandra Woodland – a conservation woodland featuring the largest area of remnant vegetation in the western Wheatbelt and home to the elusive striped numbat, many marsupials and over 90 species of birds.
  • Torndirrup National Park – a wild and rugged coastal park, known for its spectacular wave-carved features including the Natural Bridge, The Gap and the Blowholes.
  • The award-winning National ANZAC Centre – dedicated to honouring the Anzacs of the First World War.
  • Stirling Range National Park – a striking mountain landscape with plants not found anywhere else on earth.
  • Waychinicup National Park – a rugged coastline to inland boulders and wooded valleys; home to some of Australia’s rarest animals including quendas and one of the few mainland quokka populations.
  • Walpole-Nornalup National Park – home to towering tingle trees, tranquil inlets and the critically endangered noisy scrubbird.
  • Valley of the Giants and the stunning 40 metres above ground Tree Top Walk – offers a bird’s eye view over the tingle forest canopy.
  • Join Walpole icon, Garry Muir on an Eco Cruise for an informative and entertaining cruise into the beautiful and unique waterways of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park.
  • The coastal town of Augusta – enjoy a peaceful riverside walk, the historic lighthouse and natural attractions.
  • Take a scenic walk in the majestic Boranup Karri Forest.
  • Margaret River – WA’s premier wine-growing region where we visit a winery for wine tasting and lunch.
  • Vasse/Wonnerup Estuary – wading birds, raptors and sandplain banksia woodland.

Max 12 passengers
10 Day Accommodated Tour
Date: 25 March – 3 April 2022
Ex: Perth – Perth


From all of us at Coates Wildlife Tours, happy travelling and we hope to see you out there!






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