2023 International Tours

2023 International Tours

Dear Travellers,

Now that we are able to travel freely again, Coates is delighted to be returning to some of our favourite international wildlife destinations in 2023!

Our New Zealand South Island Wildlife and Wilderness Expedition is already full for 2023, however please contact us (click here) to register your interest in New Zealand 2024 (February).

We are pleased to offer two other international tours next year; Borneo Wildlife Adventure and Costa Rica Wildlife Safari.


Days: 14 Days

Style: Fully Accommodated

Ex: Kuching – Kota Kinabalu

Cost: AUD $9,675.00 ~ Single Supplement $1,395.00 AUD

Dates: 3rd – 16th October 2023

Availability: Places available for 2023 (max 12 passengers)


On this jungle adventure we travel to the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia, to the world’s third largest island, Borneo. Here, jungles and rainforests dominate the landscape and life flourishes beneath the forest canopy.

With some of the world’s oldest rainforests (second only to Australia’s Daintree Rainforest), it comes as no surprise that this rugged island is extremely rich in biodiversity. Some 222 mammals, 420 birds, 150 reptiles, 100 amphibians and 394 species of fish call the island home. In fact, the natural beauty and unique wildlife of the Malay Archipelago is so extraordinary that it inspired Alfred Wallace’s theories of natural selection.

Some of the more recognisable species we hope to see include pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, rhinoceros hornbills, saltwater crocodiles and the rare proboscis monkeys. We will also encounter what is probably Borneo’s most iconic species, the Orangutan (meaning “man of the forest” in Malay). Orangutans are highly intelligent creatures, sharing 96.4% of their genes with humans. They are also the only great ape to be found in Asia. Today, wild populations only exist in Bornean and Sumatran rainforests, and so getting a glimpse of these gentle giants in their natural setting is a rare and beautiful opportunity.

Borneo is also home to 15,000 or so plants, including pitcher plants, orchids, conifers and rhododendrons. Bird watchers, botany enthusiasts and general wildlife viewers alike will be delighted by the sheer variety of astounding fauna and flora, and will be pleased to see that significant parts of the rainforest remain intact despite pressures from deforestation in recent decades.

For more information including full itinerary, tour inclusions and terms & conditions please click here


Days: 17 Days

Style: Fully Accommodated

Ex: San Jose – San Jose

Cost: AUD $8,755.00 ~ Single Supplement $1,480.00 AUD

Dates: 25th October – 10th November 2023

Availability: Places available for 2023 (max 12 passengers)


Costa Rica’s name comes from the Spanish language, meaning ‘rich coast’ as early European explorers believed the mountains of Costa Rica to be filled with gold. Although they were wrong about the gold, Costa Rica is the ‘rich coast’ regarding flora, fauna and biodiversity. It may be a small country, but it is enormous on nature, natural history and environmental investment. A true paradise for lovers of the natural world! It has extraordinary biodiversity, with over 500,000 species, so it is little wonder that it is known as the birthplace of ecotourism.

The Safari visits the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. It is 25,100 acres and is part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area. The refuge includes wetlands that host record numbers of migratory waterfowl. The area’s forests, grasslands and marshes are home to various endangered species.

Visit Cerro de la Muerte mountain, which is part of the Cordillera de Talamanca range and extends from eastern Costa Rica to western Panama. It is home to many endemic plants and animals.

Next, discover Savegre River, which is Central America’s cleanest river. Lush rainforest, waterfalls and canyons surround this stretch of coastal whitewater. Many tropical birds call the rainforest home, including egrets, osprey, toucans, parrots, kingfishers and cormorants.

Given the vastly different geography you find in Costa Rica, from coastal mangroves to forests in the clouds, the wide variety of plants and animals you will see in one day is jaw-dropping in this compact country. Its varied ecosystems are bursting with life!

For more information including full itinerary, tour inclusions and terms & conditions please click here

From all of us at Coates Wildlife Tours, happy travelling and we hope to see you out there!







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