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Next Tour: From 16th March 2021 weekly

Join Coates Wildlife Tours for a series of one or two day tours departing Perth each week for 5 weeks. Starting on Tuesday the 16th of March and running every Tuesday until the 13th of April, a Coates naturalist will lead eco tours to some of the Perth region’s biological hot spots. The beauty of this series is that each tour will have its own theme. This allows you to pick and choose the tours that suit your interests without having to commit to an extended tour. Like all our tours, our day series will be small groups only with a maximum of 12 passengers lead by our expert naturalist guides.

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16th March 2021: Wildlife of Dryandra
Dryandra Woodland is a valuable conservation park in the Wheatbelt and the largest remnant of original vegetation in the area. It is also home to Western Australia’s state mammal emblem, the elusive numbat. We will spend the day enjoying the magnificent open eucalypt woodlands of white-barked wandoo and powderbark, as well as the unique wildlife.

Departing from the Wellington Street Tourist Stand in Perth at 7 am, we travel via the Brookton Highway to the Dryandra Woodland Reserve. Along the way we will stop in at Boyagin Rock Nature Reserve to see what the Wheatbelt looked like before it was cleared for farming. We should arrive back at our Perth pick up / drop off point by 6.00pm. (L)

Tour Focus:
Birds: – Tawny frogmouths, Malleefowl, Blue-brested Fairy-Wren, Rufous Treecreepers, Bush stone curlew, Crested Shrike-tit, Restless Flycatcher plus the Western Yellow and Red-capped robins.
Mammals: – Numbats, Woylies, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, kangaroos and wallabies.

23rd March 2021: Coastline Explorer – Yalgorup National Park
Today we will be exploring the largest national park on the Swan Coastal Plain. Yalgorup National Park is known for its elongated lakes, beautiful tuarts, peppermint woodlands and microscopic communities.

We will depart Perth at 7:30 am and spend the day walking in the woodlands, exploring the coastline, discovering the wetlands and enjoying the park’s crowning glory, the Lake Clifton Thrombolites. We will be back in Perth at around 5:30pm. (Picnic lunch)

Tour Focus:
Beach walk looking for coastal plants and birdlife.
Wetlands – migratory waterbirds and threatened plant & animal species.
Lakeside walk at Lake Clifton and the incredible living rock-like structures known as Thrombolites.

30th – 31st March 2021: 2 Day Jurien Bay Marine Park Sea Lion Discovery
Jurien Bay Marine Park is an extensive limestone reef system lying parallel to the shore that has created an expansive shallow bay. This bay provides ideal habitat for a myriad of marine creatures and surrounds dozens of ecologically-important islands home to rare and endangered animals found nowhere else in the world.

Day 1. We depart Perth at 7:30 am and head to Jurien Bay via Stockyard Gully, which is home to a fascinating group of limestone caves that lead to an underwater river system. (LD)
Day 2. We will take an early morning cruise on the bay to get up close and personal with the local sea lion population. After, we return to the hotel to shower and change, and then we take the scenic route back to Perth. (BL)

Tour Focus:
Marine Life – Australian sea lions, dolphins and a myriad of juvenile fish. Extensive seagrass meadows inside the reef shelter armies of marine animals such as western rock lobsters, octopus and cuttlefish.
Cruise – Meet the sea lions while snorkelling for an in-water interaction or stay on the boat and watch their unique and playful antics.
Explore the cave system at Stockyard Gully.
Wildlife – Grey kangaroos, Carnarby’s cockatoos, Fairy Wrens (blue) and several other species of birds and fauna.

6th April 2021: Nocturnal Bush Walk @ Karakamia
Karakamia was the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s first wildlife sanctuary. Covering 268 hectares in the Jarrah Forest Bioregion, Karakamia is home to many declining and regionally extinct species, including the critically endangered Woylie and the Western Ringtail Possum. You will get a snapshot of what the bush may have been like some 200 years ago.

Departing Perth at 1.00 pm, we travel to the Darling Ranges, stopping to enjoy the woodlands of Eucalypts, Jarrah and Wandoo. We will look out for native animals, including kangaroos, wallabies and various birds.

After dinner at a local hotel, we head to the Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary. Here we take a two hour guided stroll through the bush at twilight to hopefully observe an array of native marsupials. Being nocturnal, they are hard to find, but this guided tour provides us with an excellent opportunity to get up close to these natives creatures. We will return to Perth at approx. 9pm. (D)

Tour Focus:
Darling Ranges – Woodlands of Eucalypts, Jarrah & Wandoo. Native fauna and birds.
Karakamia – Spot critically endangered mammals such as Woylies and Western Ringtail Possums, catch a glimpse of Quenda and Tammar Wallabies foraging on the forest floor under towering Jarrah and Marri trees. Listen to the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos chortle in chorus as the sun goes down, then try to catch a glimpse of tiny microbats darting and dashing as they chase a tasty mosquito or other morsels.

13th April 2021: Flora & Fauna of the Beeliar Wetland Lake System
The Beeliar Wetlands consist of two chains of lakes and swamps that run parallel to the coast south of Perth.

We explore the second chain (further inland), starting just south of the Swan River and travel down to The Spectacles just north of Rockingham. This system is vital for the Perth area’s water birds and is an excellent habitat for native mammals.

Departing from Perth at 7:30 am, our first stop is Booragoon Lake. Despite being located in the suburbs it provides an oasis for birdlife. We then travel further south to Bibra Lake. Again this lake system offers an ideal home for waterbirds however the fringing bush is also home to many scrub birds.

Next we head to Thompson Lake for a bushwalk around the lake and to enjoy lunch. Thompson Lake is a RAMSAR wetland, meaning it is very important to migratory and non-migratory birds that require wetlands to feed and breed. A vermin-proof fence also surrounds the lake to protect native mammals such as the Quneda.

Lastly, we will travel to The Spectacles to take a stroll on the boardwalks through the paperbark woodland and lake edge.

We will return to Perth at 4.00 pm. (L)

Tour Focus:
Birdlife and native fauna of wetland lake systems.


Weekly From the 16th of March 2021


  • Coates tour leader/ driver;
  • Coates Naturalist leader;
  • A well-maintained vehicle with all front-facing, seat-belted, coach-style seats;
  • Meals as per itinerary B (breakfast), L (lunch), D (dinner);
  • Morning tea;
  • Fresh fruit onboard;
  • All national park entrance fees;
  • Accomodation as per the itinerary (Jurien Bay Sea Lion Discovery Only). 

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