Trip Styles

Information about our different trip styles


Our camping tours are for those who want to see the real Australia but don’t want to loose all luxury. Coates Wildlife Tours offers a great range of inclusions on our camping trips including:

  • Free upgrade to single tent if requested.
  • Large tents giving you plenty of room to stand up and get dressed in.
  • Free optional use of a self inflating mattress and or a camp stretcher to get you up off the ground.

A huge benefit of our camping tours are that you get off the beaten track to see truly remote places.


Our accommodated tour are a great way to visit some of the most popular wildlife and natural hot spots. During these trips we will stay at a combination of hotels and motels as well as the occasional station stay. Accommodated tours are great for those who like to travel but no longer want camp. Not having to set up camp at the end of the day means more time for searching for birds, plants and animals. Coates is constantly reviewing the hotels and motels that we stay at to ensure that our passengers stay in the best  available accomodation.


International tours are great for those with a big scene of adventure. Coates offers a great range of international tours to great locations around the world. These tours are all accommodated to a high standard with what is available in the area. All international tours are lead by a local guide who is an expert in the local area as well as local plants and wildlife.


Cruises are great for people that love to watch the world go by. Coates Wildlife Tours works with our cruise travel partners to offer a range on both local and international cruises. These cruise go to some of the most remote location around the world. Cruising is a great way to see some of the worlds most unique and isolated habitats.