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Join us as we head to the very remote, harsh, yet beautiful Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park, situated approximately 400 km east of Newman in Western Australia’s Great Sandy Desert. This is truly one of the most remote wilderness areas in the world.

At 1,283,706 hectares, the park is the largest in Western Australia and includes the watershed of the Rudall River. Vegetation in the park is a mixture of desert Bloodwood, Feathertop Spinifex, Kanji and Cork tree with River Red Gums and Coolabah trees found on the river flats. After a good rain, there are also many wildflowers (Mulla Mullas, Grevilleas, Sturt’s Desert Pea and Hakea’s) that add their colours to the landscape.

Over 90 species of bird have been recorded in the park. Most are located around the river and in streams. Many of the species reflect the more arid areas of Australia – Spinifex Pigeons, Painted Finches, Peregrine and Brown Falcons plus an assortment of honeyeaters come to drink at the pools. The White-winged Fairy-wren can also be seen, and in good seasons, Crimson Chats and Button-quail are found in the area.

Seventeen different mammals have been recorded in the park, mainly small creatures such as the Hairy-footed Dunnart and the Spinifex Hopping Mouse. Camels and dingoes call the park home, but other larger mammals seem to have disappeared over time.

Our trip will take us northwards through New Norcia, Paynes Find, Meekatharra, Newman and onto the national park via the Talawana Track. Entering the Rudall River National Park from the south we head to our campsite on the banks of the Rudall River. This will be our base for the next two nights where we will explore the many natural wonders, including Kalkan Kalkan Soak, Tjingkulatjatjarra Pool and Curran Curran Rockhole. We then continue on to Desert Queen Baths for 2 nights. There is plenty of time here to enjoy this magnificent waterhole and its wildlife.

We then travel westwards along the Telfer Road to Carawine Gorge and the Oakover River, which will be our campsite for two nights. where we will have plenty of time to really enjoy the natural beauty and birdlife. Here, we will visit the remote waterhole known as Running Waters. Surrounded by Paperbarks, this is a fabulous spot to spend the day.

Our journey from Carawine Gorge continues westwards to Marble Bar for a well earned hot shower before turning north to Broome.

Day                      Activity

Day 1 Broome to De Grey River

Early today you will be picked up early from your chosen accommodation in Broome and our journey South will begin. As we travel through the Roebuck Plains we will keep our eyes peeled for water and coastal birds. Just after morning tea we will turn off the main road and start heading inland. After Passing through the abandoned town of Shay Gap we will arrive at our campsite for the on the banks of the De Grey River.

Accommodation: Bush Camp LD

Day 2 De Grey River to Marble Bar

After breakfast, we will depart and head to our next destination Marble Bar. We will arrive early afternoon and have lunch a Chinaman Pool before we explore the jasper bar that gives the town its name. Tonight we will dine at the iconic Iron Clad Hotel (at your own expense) to get a true taste of country life.

Accommodation: Campsite BL

Day 3 Marble Bar to Carawine Gorge

Today we east through the Ripon Hills to Carawine Gorge which is located right on the banks of the Oakover River. This will be our home for the next two nights.
Accommodation: Bush Camp BLD

Day 4 Carawine Gorge to Running Waters to Carawine Gorge

A short drive takes us across the Oakover River to a shaded wetland known as Running Waters. This paperbark-fringed waterway is ideal for a walk and a swim before we return to Carawine Gorge. Accommodation: Bush Camp BLD

Day 5 Carawine Gorge to Christmas Pool

Today we will travel east along the well maintained Telfer Road before turning south on the Kintyre Track towards Christmas Pool. This pool was visited by William Rudall during his search for the last members of the ‘Calvert Expedition’. A two-kilometre walk takes us to an aboriginal art site under a rocky overhang.

Accommodation Bush Camp BLD

Day 6 Christmas Pool to Desert Queen Baths

This morning we continue south and head to Desert Queen baths – a series of pools in a spectacular rocky gorge in the Broadhurst Range. If there has been suitable recent rainfall then the wildflowers should be abundant and as usual, we will stop for this and birding opportunities. On arrival at our campsite, we will set up camp and then start our exploration of the area.

Accommodation: Bush Camp BLD

Day 7 & 8 Desert Queen Baths

We will spend the next two days exploring the rocky pools and aboriginal art sites in the area. The main pool close to our camp is suitable for swimming.
Accommodation: Bush Camp BLD

Day 9 Desert Queen Baths to Rudall River

Today we continue to head south along the Kintyre Track to our campsite at a water hole located on the Rudall River. This will be our campsite for the next two nights.

Accommodation: Bush Camp BLD

Day 10 Rudall River

Today we will explore areas such as Kalkan Kalkan Soak, Curran Curran Rock Hole and Tjingkulatjatjarra Pool (‘T’ Pool!). There will be time to take short walks along the riverbed. The residual pools and billabongs are attractive to birds and other wildlife.
Accommodation: Bush Camp BLD

Day 11 Rudall River to Newman

Today ends our time in Karlamilyi as we travel down the Talawana Track towards Newman. In Newman, we will be staying at the Newman hotel which will be our first opportunity for a shower since Marble Bar. We will also dine at the hotel restaurant tonight (at your own expense)
Accommodation: Newman hotel BL

Day 12 Newman to Gascoyne River

Today we start our southward travels towards Perth. We will have an easy drive to the banks of the Gascoyne River where we will camping tonight.
Accommodation: Bush Camp BLD

Day 13 Gascoyne River to Cue

After breakfast, we will head to the historic gold mining town of Cue. From here we will visit the ghost town of Big Bell and the natural wonder of Walga Rock one of the largest monolith rocks in Australia. Accommodation: Campsite BLD

Day 14 Cue to Paynes Find

On the way to Paynes find we will visit the Dalgaranga Meteorite Crater before travelling through the mining town of Mount Magnet.
Accommodation: Campsite BLD

Day 15 Paynes Find to Perth

Today we will conclude our journey with our final leg into Perth. Along the way, we will travel through the wheat town of Dalwallinu and the monastic town of New Norcia.
You will be dropped off at your chosen central Perth accommodation. BL

NB: The above itinerary may be varied according to conditions and advice.

8th – 22nd August 2020

  • 14 Breakfasts, 15 Lunches, 12 Dinners
  • Two well-maintained 4WD vehicles
  • 2 crew members – a Naturalist/Driver Guide and Driver/Cook
  • Easy-to-erect tents and camp chairs with armrests
  • A self-inflating air mattress and stretcher bed
  • Campsite fees
  • All eating utensils
  • Morning tea daily
  • All national park entrance fees
  • Tag Along Participants – If requested when booking we can supply tents, armchairs and eating
    utensils but they will need to be carried in your own vehicle.

“A week after our fantastic tour of Karlamilyi and those other magic places ended, we are still enjoying the memories – and once the photos are sorted into a reasonable set of highlights, we’ll be able to revisit many times. Such a privilege to be able to see such very remote parts of the country – being there (rather than looking in the glossy books and magazines) is like attending a live concert versus listening to a CD or the radio.
So thanks, Sylvia, for making the arrangements go so smoothly, and thanks again, Tom and Ray, for the success of the trip.”
Rosemary & Peter Turner

“We wanted to tell you HOW very much we enjoyed our trip to Karlamilyi /Rudall River. This trip had long been on my list and it did not disappoint! Even the weather was perfect 😊
Special thanks to you Tom and Ray for all your driving, cooking and expert guiding along the way. Such a huge effort, you both must have been exhausted when we got back.
I know we all so appreciated your yummy meals at the end of long days on the road Tom. [You do get the star for best cook so far with Coates!] Special thanks also to all the team for all the work and help to make these huge trips so do-able for us [mostly] Easterners. We long ago decided WA was too big to access easily for these kinds of trips. I cannot tell how grateful we feel for the opportunity your tour company offers us to travel with wonderful like-minded people as well as in the way we love to experience the outback!”
John & Helen Burdekin

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip to Ruddall River with Rick and Red. They looked after us so well, cooked marvellous meals and were great sources of knowledge and fun as well. How lucky we were to see that country after good rains – whole green landscapes and flowering plants wherever they could get a toe hold.

I’ll have to save my pennies and come on another trip with Coates – and I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone interested.”
Julia King

“Just a short note to say what a great tour I had. The route, logistics, meals and the knowledge given by the leaders Rick and Red was terrific. I had such fun that I have booked 3 more tours online.”
Kerry Cowie

“Thank you for a brilliant holiday. We’ve just been to Rudall River with Rick and Red. It is a spectacular part of the world and we really appreciated the efforts of Rick and Red to make it such an enjoyable experience. Their knowledge, patience, continued good humour and attention to detail really set this trip apart from similar trips we have been on in Australia and overseas. You guys are really good. It was our first time with Coates and we are already planning to travel with you again. Thanks so much also for all the organisation beforehand.”
Jo Palmer and Chris Marshall

“We had a fantastic time, the trip was well paced and left lots of time for everyone to pursue their own interests, and this was really appreciated. The three R’s were wonderful and we were very impressed by Richard and Red converting the Oka from 4WD to 2WD and then managing to get us in to all the sites except one in this mode.

As usual the food was very good and we felt very spoilt. I am quite sure we will call upon your services again, thank you so much for your terrific organisation.”
Kath Green

“Once again many thanks for organising such a great trip. Rick and Red, as usual, were fantastic and it was very nice to get to know Richard. Food was great and the trip was very well paced. We saw a wonderful array of flowers and birds and had a great time – it certainly is one of the most interesting and lovely parts of Australia.”
Margo Moore

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