Great Western Woodlands & Helena Aurora Range






Perth – Perth




  • Wave Hill
  • Granite Woodlands Road
  • Cave Hill
  • Credo Station
  • Helena & Aurora Ranges

On this expedition we travel east to the Great Western Woodlands (GWW) which is in the south-west of Australia, east of the Rabbit Proof Fence. It is the largest (40 million acres) temperate woodland left on earth covering an area the size of England, and is home to 3,000 flowering plant species, rare mammals, frogs, reptiles and birds.

These woodlands are so vast that ancient hydrological patterns still work and clouds form in response to the vegetation beneath.
It is home to about 20% of all known plant species in Australia.

The wildflowers are magnificent and more than a hundred species of eucalypt, including Mallees, towering Salmon Gums, Dundas Mahogany and Gimlet are found here. Water is so scarce with little nutrients in the soil and yet nowhere else do large trees of such variety grow. It is also a unique haven for a community of animal species that are now threatened elsewhere in Australia.

We will also explore the Helena & Aurora Ranges (Aboriginal name ‘Bungalbin’) , a magnificent banded ironstone formation. The Wilderness Society is currently focusing on a campaign to securely protect the range for iron or mining. This is one of the last ranges in the whole Yilgarn region that is 2.6 billion years old. It’s ancient, it’s unique, and there are species here that are not found anywhere
else on the planet.

Wonderful scenery together with breathtaking wildflower displays will provide perfect photographic opportunities daily.

Day                      Activity

1                           Perth to Hyden

Today we will depart Perth from the Wellington Street tourist pick up point at 7:30 am. We will travel along the Great Eastern Highway and then pass through York, Quairading, then via Bruce Rock and Narermbeen to Hyden.  There should be time this afternoon to explore Wave Rock.

Accom: Wave Rock Caravan Park          LD

2                           Wave Rock Caravan Park to McDermid Rock

From Hyden we will travel along the Granite Woodlands Road to enjoy the botanical bonanza at Grevillea Hill, where Persoonia helix and Swordfish Banksia occur. We’ll visit The Forrestania plots, an early agricultural research station which has now been taken over by a forest of Grevilleas. The breakaways and McDermid Rock are other interesting features of the area.

Accom: Bush Camp McDermid Rock          BLD

3-4                        McDermid Rock to Cave Hill

Traveling east we pass through Norseman and head to Widgiemooltha and then on to Cave Hill for a three night camp. We’ll explore some of the Kurrawong woodlines railway system west of Kalgoorlie, which was in operation between 1899 and 1937. The magnitude of the water catchment works at Cave Hill , the woodlines camp from 1932, are staggering.The 70 year re-growth salmon gums are a tribute to the eucalypts’ ability to regenerate. We will have a full day here.
Accom: Cave Hill bush camp         BLD

5                           Cave Hill

We will spend today exploring some of the old woodline tracks and the Woodline dam on Burra Rock.

Accom: Cave Hill bush camp          BLD

6                           Cave Hill – Kalgoorlie – Credo Station

Today we travel to Kalgoorlie where we will restock with fresh provisions. We head out of town to our campsite at Credo Station.

Accom: Credo Station campsite.          BLD

7                           Credo Station

Credo was purchased by the Government as it is a representative conservation area and an important water catchment area for Rowles Lagoon. It encompasses the Clear and Muddy Nature Reserve and Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park, the largest freshwater lake in the Coolgardie bioregion. The lagoon is also a significant area for local Indigenous people who worked on the station and whose ancestors camped at Rowles. The 212,126-hectare proposed reserve offers outstanding scenic landscapes that include mature stands of Salmon Gum woodland, breakaways and Greenstone hills.

Accom: Credo Station campsite.          BLD

8                           Credo Station to Helena Aurora Range

Today we will travel via Menzies to the Mount Manning Range where we will set up our camp which will be our base for the next four nights.

Accom: Bush Camp Mount Manning Range.          BLD

9-11                     Helena Aurora Ranges

We will spend the next three days exploring the natural history of the often overlooked and threatened range, which is characterised by its large banded ironstone rocks, stretches of eucalypt woodland and tall, inland white gums. From the top of the range, you are treated to unspoilt views of the Great Western Woodlands as far as the eye can see. The low, scattered range emerges from a mostly flat, wooded landscape and is ecologically and culturally significant. Because of the ancient isolation, most of the range is home to rare locally endemic species of flora and fauna.

Accom: Bush Camp Helena Aurora Ranges.          BLD

12                          Helena Aurora Ranges – Baladjie Rock – Perth

This morning we pack up and start our return Journey to Perth.We will travel via Koolyanobbing, Southern Cross and Baladjie Rock and expect our arrival back in Perth will be late afternoon.          BL

NB: The above itinerary may be varied according to conditions and advice.

26 October – 6 November 2019

  • 11 Breakfasts, 12 Lunches, 11 Dinners
  • A self-inflating air mattress and stretcher bed
  • Easy to erect dome tents and camp chairs with arms
  • All eating utensils
  • Morning tea each day
  • Fruit on-board the vehicle throughout the day
  • All national park entrance fees
  • Travel permits as required

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