Botswana is Back for 2020

Coates will once again be travelling to Botswana in 2020. We have again partnered with our friends at Safari and Guide Services to organise our Safari.

The green season is Botswana’s most productive and colourful time offering natural experiences travellers would miss during the dry busy tourist season.
Alex Leatamo, our Botswana wildlife expert will lead us into some of Botswana’s remote private reserves when the wildlife is looking fit and healthy. There’s an explosion of new life as the young offspring are still small and it will be a treat to watch their comical and endearing antics as they learn to face life.
Botswana is committed to small-scale eco conscious travel and in keeping with that ethos we will stay in small traditional safari classic mobile camps and lodges with a minimal footprint on the land and wildlife.

To learn more please Click Here. If you have any questions please feel free to get into Contact Us