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1B 28 Baile Road
Canningvale WA 6155

PO Box 4502
Myaree Business Centre WA 6960

Telephone (Office): (08) 9330 6066
Telephone (Depot): (08) 6254 2718
Freecall:  1800 676 016
Mobile:  0414 958 266

Travel well – travel Coates. Where to go to get the best value for money is a question we face more and more in these hard economic times. Our holidays and where to spend them are even more vigorously scrutinised and budgeted for. Apart from finance, the single most important factor of a holiday is what value we are going to get for our expenditure.

Having now taken two trips with Coates Wildlife Tours and both having been so successful, yet so different I could do no more than highly recommend them to anyone wishing to see Australia. Travelling with Coates gives maximum return for every dollar spent and leaves impressions of Australia which one will long remember. One golden rule worth remembering is when you are onto a good thing stay with it. When you give them a try I’m sure you will feel the same way about Coates.

George Bingham

Congratulations on your business and choice of leaders. The trip was all it was advertised to be and more, plus the knowledgeable and caring leaders made our trip a happy get-together of keen naturalists. Thank you.

Jean Hooper

Thanks for the great trip to the Pilbara . It was one of my best. As always enjoyed your hearing about the plants and wild life from you.

Barbara Goldin